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  • Ruslan Trad

    Ruslan Trad

    Author: http://goodreads.com/ruslantrad; PMCs, Syria, security, conflicts. Co-founder of De Re Militari journal.

  • Xavier Palacios

    Xavier Palacios

  • Banah alGhadbanah, Ph.D.

    Banah alGhadbanah, Ph.D.

    Syrian poet with a PhD in Ethnic Studies.

  • Korsan Cevdet

    Korsan Cevdet

    Korsan Cevdet writes op-eds on politics, international relations, and global political economy. Cevdet holds a MA in Poli Sci and an MBA. Tweets @KorsanCevdet.

  • Fadi Aboualfa

    Fadi Aboualfa

    Managing Director at MEES

  • Ali Cinar

    Ali Cinar

    Foreign Policy Expert on U.S.-Turkey Relations, ME, Security, NATO, Transatlantic / Journalist / 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient www.alicinar.com

  • James M. Dorsey

    James M. Dorsey

    James is an award-winning journalist covering ethnic and religious conflict. He blogs using soccer as a lens on the Middle East and North Africa's fault lines

  • Arab Unreported

    Arab Unreported

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